Notes Home – Friday, September 24, 2020

The Student Directory went home Wednesday in your child’s bag. If you are a family with two households and need a second directory, please let us know.

Late Pick Ups and Emergency Care – The following charges and policies apply.  You are welcome to pay for either at the time of service, you can be invoiced and with Emergency Care you are welcome to pay ahead of time. Any of the payment options are fine.

Late Pick Up Charge –

(More than 4 late pickups in a month, your

program needs to change to include PM Care.)


Date: ___________________

Student Name: ________________________

Student’s Regular Pick Up Time: __________

Actual Pick Up Time: ____________________


First minute is $5.00.

Each minute thereafter is $1.00 per minute.


Emergency Care –

Up to a total of 4 can be used in any month. 

Cannot be used on daycare days.

Date: ___________________

Student Name: ________________________

Student’s Program: __________

Drop off Time: ______________

Pick Up Time: ____________________


Drop Off Before 7:45 is $15

Drop Off Between 7:46 and 8:30 is $10

Pick Up Between 3:00 and 4:15 is $10

Pick Up Between 4:16 and 5:30 is $20

Things to look for in October–

Friday, October 9; Monday, October 12; and Monday October 19 are Day Care Days – No school.

If your child has AM and/or PM care in their program, they may attend their regular hours and participate in day care activities.

 School Pictures –

Tuesday, October 27 – Mrs. Corn and Mrs. Theriac

Wednesday, October 28 – Ms. Sarah and Ms. Lori

Thursday, October 29 – Ms. April and Mr. R