Notes Home – Monday, May 22, 2023

Fobs – If this Friday is the last time your child will be attending school at Montessori, please turn in your fobs this week at drop off or pick up.

Items going home this week – This week at pick up, we will be sending home medications, lotions, chapsticks and/or helmets.

Parent ONLY Parent/Teacher Conferences for all of the PrePrimary classes (Ms. April, Ms. Corie, Mrs. Corn, Ms. Lori and Mrs. Theriac) will be this Thursday, May 25th via Zoom. No School for Preprimary classes on conference day. Students who have AM and/or PM care in their program may attend their regular hours for daycare activities. Your child’s teacher has sent information regarding how to sign up for this online conference.

IMPORTANT…Parent/Teacher Conference Guidelines: 

  • Children may not attend the parent teacher conference. The teacher reserves the right to cancel a conference if your child is present.
  • Information that your teacher shares with you about your child should not be shared with your child.
  • Please contact the office if you have questions about the conference guidelines.

Field trip on the last day of school (May 26th) – Ms. April, Ms. Corie, Mrs. Corn, Ms. Lori and Mrs. Theriac classes. All children need to be at Montessori by 8:45 and wearing their Montessori t-shirts.

Last Day of School Dismissal (May 26th) – Preprimary Classes will dismiss at 11:45 and Mr. R’s class will dismiss at 12:00. If your child has PM care in his/her program, daycare/lunch will start at 11:45.

            Last Day of School Survey – (Only families with PM Care)

  • Attached is the Last Day of School Survey (a copy went home in your child’s bag).
  • We need all families with PM Care only to fill the survey out and return it at drop off/pick up or email back your response. Thanks!

Montessori will be totally closed, no school or daycare, Memorial Day Week: May 29th-June 2nd.

Lost and Found – Please check the Lost and Found. All clothing items left here at school after this Friday will be sent to Good Will next week.

Have a fun and safe Summer!