Notes Home – Thursday, September 30, 2021

Covid Reminder – If someone in your child’s household is scheduled for/waiting on a Covid test or experiencing Covid symptoms, do not send your child to school until you receive the results.

The student directory went home today in your child’s bag.

EZ School lunch reminder – Please remember to sign your child up for October lunches. This Friday is October 1st and many students are not signed up for lunch. 

PM care pick ups – Please supervise children on the front lawn after PM Care pick up.

  • Children should not play in the landscaped areas.
  • Adults and children aged 3 and older must wear their face mask when entering the building.

Clothing Donation – We are in need of girl’s shorts (all sizes).

Montessori Borrowed Clothes – Please remember to return washed Montessori borrowed clothing in a timely manner.

Things to look for in October: 

Friday, October 8th; Monday, October 11th; and Monday, October 18th are Daycare Days –

  • There will be No School.
  • Children who attend 8:30-2:45 will not come for daycare days.
  • If your child has AM and/or PM care in their program, they may attend their regular hours for daycare activities. Reminder – There will be no car lines for drop offs or pickups on daycare days.
  • If your child is not attending on a daycare day please remember to select “No Lunch” on EZ School so that you are not charged for a lunch that day.

Preprimary Field Trip – Parent volunteers are not needed. More information closer to the field trip date.

            Thursday, October 14th

Friday, October 15th  

School Pictures – Forms will be sent home in the next few weeks           

Tuesday, October 26th – Mrs. Corn and Mrs. Theriac

Wednesday, October 27th – Ms. Corie and Ms. Lori

Thursday, October 28th – Ms. April and Mr. R

Azzip Pizza fundraiser – Remember to scan Montessori’s code each time you visit Azzip Pizza from now until the end of November!

  • Montessori will receive 5% of each visit, with opportunities for an increased giveback on certain promotional days.
  • Scannable key tags are available in the front office.
  • Flyer with code is attached.


Families w/o AM Care must use the car line when dropping their child off at school.

Sunscreens, lotions, creams, over the counter medicine, chap stick, prescription medicine –

Normally, parents would fill out a form at the front desk and leave the item there, but now that’s not possible. The new protocol will be to send us an email before you drop off in the AM. Then, hand the item off to the staff person upon dropping off or put in your child’s bag; we’ll get it out before school starts. Sarah and Kristi typically read their email before 8:30 drop off or immediately after.

The email needs to tell us:

  • Name of item
  • How much to use
  • What time to give or apply
  • If it needs to return home each day (ie) prescription medicine.

For example: Sunscreen, apply to face/arms/legs before going outside. Or, chapstick, use as needed.

Ideally you would send the email to:, and the child’s teacher. This will ensure it’s retrieved ASAP.

Sending things to school via bag – If you are sending anything to school, it’s good to let us know via email. We do not regularly check the children’s bags.

Extra Masks – Are for the emergency that may happen here at school-a very productive sneeze. If you want your child to or your child needs to switch out during the day, leave an additional mask in their bag.           

If your child is vomiting and/or has diarrhea, they must stay home for 72 hours since their last symptom; even if this happens over the weekend.