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PTO Fall Mums Sale – Return order forms by tomorrow, Friday, September 4th. Delivery on Wednesday and Thursday, September 16th and 17th.

*Attached is a fillable form that can be filled out on your computer or on your phone and then email it to PTO.

*Or print it off and return it with payment to school.  Just hand it off at drop off or pick up.

*a preprinted form was sent home in your child’s bag last week. It can be returned with the payment.

First PTO Meeting is Meeting with Your Child’s Teacher.  In normal times this meeting would take place in your child’s classroom with one or both parents attending and PTO providing babysitting.  BUT, this year, you will be sent a Zoom Meeting invite by your teacher.

The teacher will do a 30-minute presentation about what you can expect this year.

The meeting will also be recorded and posted to your teacher’s blog, if you are unable to attend the live meeting.

You will receive a Zoom invite via your email for the day/time of your teacher’s event.

Wednesday, September 9th will be Ms. April and Ms. Lori at 5:30 and Mrs. Corn and Mrs. Theriac at 6:30.

Thursday, September 10th will be Ms. Sarah and Mr. R at 5:30.

Covid Manual Update:  Vanderburgh County Health Department and Warrick County Health Department no longer consider “just a runny nose” a Covid symptom.

Symptoms that will cause exclusion until 72 hours after the symptom stops is:  fever 100.4 or higher, sore throat, cough or shortness of breath, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, abdominal pain, headache, new loss of taste or smell.

Menu Change – On Friday, September 18, it will be “Cheese Pizza” and not “Greek Chicken Bites.” (Online menu is correct.)


Montessori Closed on Monday, September 7 for the Labor Day holiday.

Mum Sale Flyer 2020 – Fillable Form

Below is the September 2020 Lunch Menu for the 20-21 school year.

September 2020 Menu

To order lunch, please visit EZ School Apps.

Good job everyone—children and adults!  We’re at the end of the first few days of school!  It has really been a great week regardless of all the changes!  A special shout out to the PTO Board who was helping us with the School Day drop offs this week!

Here are some updates and reminders as we get ready for the first full week of school:

School Day Programs (8:30 – 2:45/3:00) Drop Off Time  –

If this is your child’s program, the earliest drop off time is 8:25.  Hopefully, with the first week behind us, we can all develop a routine where each morning is a little bit smoother than the last.

Picking up at 2:45/3:00 – Please do not get out of your car.  Once your child has been placed in the car, please pull up past the front parking lot to stop and buckle them in.

Sunscreen, lotions, creams, over the counter medicine, chap stick, prescription medicine, etc.

Normally, parents would fill out a form at the front desk and leaving the item there, but now that’s not possible.  The new protocol will be to send us an email before you drop off in the AM.  Then hand the item off to the staff person upon dropping off or put in your child’s bag. We’ll get it out before school starts.  Kristi and I typically read our email before 8:30 drop off or immediately thereafter.

Email needs to tell us:

  • name of item
  • how much to use
  • what time to give or apply
  • if it needs to return home each day (ie) prescription medicine.

For example:  Sunscreen, apply to face, arms and legs before going outside.  Or, chapstick, use as needed.  Lotion, please apply to hands after handwashing, etc.

Ideally you would send the email to:, and the child’s teacher.  This will ensure it’s retrieved ASAP.

Sending Things to School via Bag –

If you are sending anything to school, it’s good to let us know via email.  We do not regularly check the children’s bags.

First Day Paperwork –

Please return all of the paperwork this Monday.  We need to update a variety of lists– allergy lists, trike lists, the student directory, etc.

School Emails –

Notes Home or emails addressing a specific subject (for example:  Please remember to pull up to the cone when dropping off or picking up.) is being bcc to everyone not just your family.   If it’s an email only to your family, we’ll address it:  Good Morning (specific parent name),…

Masks –

If you are currently sending a mask with an exhalation valve, we need you to switch to a standard 3-layer mask.  Exhalation valves give more protection to the wearer, but less protection for those around the person.

Masks that allow a space for the nose seem to fare better with moisture versus those that sit right against the child’s face.

Extra masks are for the emergency that may happen here at school—a very productive sneeze.  If you want your child or your child needs to switch out during the day, leave an additional mask in their bag.