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All of our teachers hold four year degrees and have completed AMS (American Montessori Society) training for the level they serve. This training is the equivalent of an additional year of graduate study. In addition, all teachers are required to have fifty hours of continuing education every five years. This training ensures that the teacher is deeply knowledgeable about the developmental psychology of the children they serve in addition to how to invite and inspire the child’s interest in Montessori materials and classroom.

The qualities of a young person who has grown up in a Montessori environment specifically include: creativity, adaptability, independence in both thinking and in managing one’s life, and a strong concern for and dedication to the future of mankind.

Montessori students learn to be resourceful and to find the information they need when they need it. They learn to collaborate with others to find the best solutions to problems. These skills allow children to thrive in their Montessori classroom and beyond as they transition to their next school.

All of our teachers host blogs which allow current families a glimpse into the daily happenings of the classroom with updates on events and photos of happenings in the classroom. E-mail your classroom teacher to receive access to the blog and then click on the links listed to visit!

“Montessori teaches children the fun and love of learning itself. It is the only school that allows children to learn at their own pace. The results are astounding and surpass what children are doing in a traditional school setting. My six year old daughter requested chapter books for her birthday and reads simply because she enjoys it! We have no doubt that Montessori gives children a solid educational foundation that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.”

“Montessori Academy encourages children to find joy in learning. They provide an education that encourages children to be self-disciplined with an internal sense of purpose and motivation. Montessori is a warm and supportive community for children. The children are happy, intellectually simulated and secure. Montessori works!”

“Montessori provides a dynamic, encouraging learning environment. Students strive for independence through consistent, direct sensory experiences. They are encouraged to think creatively, constructively critique their own work as they develop, be collaborative and observe, experience and engage. Montessori asks them to challenge themselves enough to fail at times and helps them celebrate their many successes. The commitment of the teachers is second to none. Students leave with a lifetime appreciation of and intreats in learning, a sense of community and a better understanding of the world.”

“Montessori Academy is a school that individualizes education based on students’ abilities and performance levels, learning strengths, as well as their personal interests. Montessori develops and inspires excellence in academic, leadership and entrepreneurial development.”